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  • This May 15, 1967 issue of Medical Economics contains an editorial followed by three articles on the topic of using nondoctors to do doctors work. The editorial written, by Senior Editor Paul W. Kellam, begins "They're thinking big in Washington right now about a new kind of physician's assistant as one answer to the doctor shortage." He continues by describing doctor's need for help and states that the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare will need to overcome the attitudes of doctors themselves and those in the Federal Government to bring the concept to reality. The views of two DHEW planners, Dr. Philip R. Lee and Dr. George A. Silver are stated. The three featured articles include: (1) A "Medic" in general practice, written by William W. McClure, features Henry "Buddy" Treadwell, a proprietary trained PA, working with Dr. Amos Johnson in general practice in Garland, NC, (2) How an R.N. midwife can help, written by Howard Eisenberg, features certified nurse-midwife Evelyn Mottram assisting Dr. Denzil G. Baker, a general practitioner, in Hindman, KY, and (3) A non-MD counsels MD patients, written by Mary E. Manion, features Robert T. Cross, a social worker providing counseling and psychological screening for attendees at the Lewis A. Weiss Memorial Hospital in Chicago, IL.
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