Correspondence from Eugene Stead regarding evolution of the Physician's Assistant concept at Duke University - 1977

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  • Letter from Dr. Milton Johnson dated April 6, 1977 stating that the Medical Association of Georgia is "currently interested in and investigating the status of Physicians Assistants in our state." Dr. Milton indicates that his committee wants to explore both "actual and potential problems" such as (1) attempts of PAs to become independently licensed; (2) increasing use of PAs by government agencies in lieu of physicians: (3) the push by national PA organizations for greater PA autonomy and (4) the growing surplus of physicians which might cause confrontations between PAs and physicians. Dr. Stead replies on May 17, 1977 saying that "When I started the PA program, I knew that I could not control these new professionals and build them in my own image. -- There will always be problems. Every doctor is not prudent, every doctor is not careful, every doctor is not honest. The same can be said for PAs. Dr. Stead states that he employs a PA to help him render care to a church-related nursing home. "I would not take on this responsibility if the PA were not available. He finishes by saying that organized medicine did not heed his advice and "opted for no change in practice patterns and greatly increased the output of doctors. We will certainly have too many doctors."
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