Andrew S. Wechsler Oral History Interview, 2019

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  • This oral history interview was conducted with Dr. Andrew S. Wechsler conducted on June 18, 2019 by Emily Stewart as part of the Dr. David Sabiston Oral History Project. During the interview, Wechsler discusses his early life, education, decision to enter the medical profession, decision to switch from cardiology to cardiac surgery, experiences with Sabiston as a resident and faculty member at Duke, what is was like to move from the North to the South in the seventies, Sabiston's rigid but principled manner, experiences offered to him because of Sabiston's support, reestablishing the cardiac surgery program at the Durham VA, leaving Duke to become a professor and chair in the Department of Surgery at the Medical College of Virginia, and other memories of Sabiston and his wife, Aggie.
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