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The professional staff members of the Medical Center Library & Archives present posters and papers at state, regional, and national conferences. We have posted content from those presentations in order to share our content with other national and international colleagues.

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Be iNFORMED: A Checklist for Evaluating Unknown Journals and Publishers

Poster presented at 2015 Medical Library Association (MLA)

PDAs: Destination Librarian - What’s In It For Us?

Poster presented at 2002 Medical Library Association (MLA)

Developing a Clearer Vision: Understanding Researcher Motivations and Behaviors in Open Access Publishing

Open access (OA) publishing represents an appealing alternative to high collection costs and tight budgets. To facilitate a better understanding of...

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Renegotiate their Consortial Journal Deals

Poster presented at 2011 Medical Library Association (MLA)

PubMed and EBM Training for Medical Students: Finding a Better Way

Poster presented at 2008 Medical Library Association (MLA)

Building Blocks for the Future: Reflections from MLA Leaders

Poster presented at 2014 Medical Library Association (MLA)

Capitalizing on New Librarians: The Importance of Mentoring

Poster presented at 2011 MLA/Mid-Atlantic Chapter (MAC)

Publication Data: Growing Opportunities

Poster presented at 2012 Medical Library Association (MLA)