Doctor of Physical Therapy Capstone Projects

The research efforts of Doctor of Physical Therapy students culminates in a capstone project. These creative, incisive posters show the students’ work on a wide range of topics, from sports-related concussions to spinal cord injury to dance to pediatrics.

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Comprehensive Primary Care Models for the Management of Multiple Chronic Conditions in Community-Dwelling Older Adults: A Scoping Review

The purpose of this study is to investigate the health system impacts and quality of care of four well-established comprehensive primary care...

Does Physical Activity Change after THA/TKA? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

To conduct a systematic review of the literature, with meta-analysis, on the change in PA after THA or TKA surgery and evaluate other factors such...

The Cost-effectiveness and Functional Impact of Post-Acute Care Location on Hip Fracture Patient Outcomes: A Systematic Review

To compare the outcomes and costs associated with post hip fracture patient rehab in IRF, SNF, and Home Health in order to establish appropriate...

Harms and Benefits of Opioids for Management of Non-Surgical Chronic Low-Back Pain: A Systematic Review

Investigate the harms and benefits of oral opioids for low back pain compared to placebo and other interventions. To assess the quality of...

Do Core Muscle Characteristics Differentiate an Amateur from a Professional Soccer Player? A Systematic Review

The purpose of this study was to determine if core and trunk characteristics differentiate an amateur from a professional soccer player.

The Efficacy of Manual Therapy for Treatment of Dyspareunia in Females: A Systematic Review

The purpose of this review was to evaluate the efficacy of MT in treating dyspareunia in females.

Rating of Perceived Exertion to Approximate %1RM in Resistance Training

This systematic review examines the available research that focuses on the application of subjective perceived exertion to strength training

Effectiveness of Physical Therapy Administered Spinal Manipulation for the Treatment of Low Back Pain: An Updated Systematic Review of the Literature

Update on effectiveness of Spine Thrust Manipulation (STM) for LBP treatment as afollow-up study to the systematic review authored by Kuczynski et...

The Impact of Timing of Physical Therapy for Acute Low Back Pain on Health Services Utilization: A Systematic Review

To synthesize literature about the impact of early PT for acute Low back pain (LBP) on subsequent health services utilization (HSU), compared to...

Clinical Decision Making Regarding Lower Extremity Orthotic Intervention for Children with Spastic Cerebral Palsy: Systematic Review

Expand upon a systematic review performed by Neto et al in 2010. Create guidelines for clinical decision making regarding LE orthotic intervention...