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The Library’s artwork collection has a wide selection of portraits, prints, paintings, maps, sculptures, and busts. It includes portraits of Duke faculty members, paintings of the US Army 65th General Hospital, and a bust and portrait of James B. Duke. The Chatham Collection contains prints from the 1800s and 1900s and was donated to the library in the 1930s by Thurmond Chatham and features Audubon illustrations, race horses, and numerous harbor scenes. One seascape painting is attributed to Sir William Osler. The Library is also the repository for various bronze plaques that were initially installed in the School of Medicine when located in the Davison building.

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Print 126. Framed horse picture.

Indiae Orientalis

Print 114. Early map of Southeast Asia written in Latin.

Young Judith Farrar

Portrait of Judith Farrar, first librarian of the Duke Medical Library, as a child.

Untitled -- Beach Scene 2

Beach scene.

Untitled -- Beach Scene 1

Beach scene.

Miss Farrar, Mrs. Trent, and Mrs. Farrar in Old Hosptial Library

Black and white photo of early library staff and Mrs. Trent in original library reading room.

The Parc Monceau

Reproduction of a Monet painting. In a gold frame with a white matte.

Duke Hospital Library

Original Duke Hospital library.

Harvey Cushing

Print of Harvey Cushing.

Hemisphaerii Borealis Coeli et Terrae Sphaeri Casceno Graphia

Northern Hemisphere of Heaven and Earth.