Bridging the Medical Care Gap: The Physician's Assistant

Unique ID: PA-0119
  • United States Civil Service Commission, Announcement No. 428, March 1971
Date: March, 1971
Description: An announcement issued by the United States Civil Service Commission, Bureau of Recruiting and Examining, in March 1971 providing information on availability of Physician's Assistant jobs within the Federal Government.  The announcement states that "most PA's will be hired to work in the hospitals and clinics of the Veterans Administration, with smaller numbers needed in the Indian Health Service, Public Health Service hospitals, and the government of the District of Columbia."  Qualifications for GS-7 to GS-11 entrance positions are provided based on education, training and experience.  An application form and instructions on how to apply are provided in the announcement. Language: English
Location: PA Program records - John James McQueary series
Rights: Courtesy of the Duke University Medical Center Archives
Timeline Period: PA Implementation Era (1966-1972)


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