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A "Certificate of Added Qualifications" by the American Board of Preventive Medicine 1990
A Beautiful Yorkshire Cow

Print 10

A brief review: liquid ventilation

The liquid-filled lung preparation has provided physiologists with a unique technique for varying the physical properties of respiratory media and...

A case of breath holding and ascent-induced circulatory hypotension

We report a case of transient circulatory depression due to inadvertent apnea of a subject during decompression from a stimulated dive. The dive...

A case of delayed-onset pulmonary barotrauma in a scuba diver

A 23-yr-old male scuba diver was admitted to the hyperbaric chamber of the Polish Army Training Centre of Divers and SCUBA Divers for treatment of...

A Case Study in Team-Based Learning 2012
A chamber system for maintaining a hyperbaric environment for long-term animal studies

An experimental hyperbaric chamber system is described whereby animals, including nonhuman primates, can be cared for under altered environmental...

A Chance for Both Barrels

Print 15

A Collection of Florence Nightingale prints

Photograph showing Dr. Kelly's collection of prints of Florence Nightingale and books about her. From the collection of Howard A. Kelly, M.D., No...

A comparison of respiratory function in divers breathing with a mouthpiece or a full face mask

A comparison was made of respiratory function in submersed divers breathing with either a mouthpiece or a full face mask while exposed to varying...

A Connecticut Pharmacy

Postcard of a pharmacy, with medicine jars on shelves. On verso: "A Connecticut Pharmacy, mid-19th century, Yale Medical Library, Gift of Edward...

A Devonshire Bull

Print 12

A Doctor of Medicine, Magdalen College 1508

Photograph of a statue showing a doctor holding a urine flask in his right hand.

A door in Les Terrasses

Picture of a door in Klebs' library, Les Terrasses. A tree can be seen outside of the open door. Text on verso includes "1933, August. Outlet."...

August 1933
A Dual-Degree Pathway to Developing Medical Information Specialists: Transforming Physicians into Informationists 2006
A Dubois

Portrait of Baron Antoine Dubois, Professor of Medicine. Painted by Bertannier.

A Fat Holderness Ox

Print 13

A Fat Teeswater Ox

Print 9

A Florence Nightingale Memorial

Photograph of a bust of Florence Nightingale at the Memorial located at the Royal United Service Institution. From the collection of Howard A....

A fluorocarbon emulsion with a high solubility for CO2

A stable emulsion can be prepared by subjecting a mixture of 30% (by volume) FC-80 fluorocarbon; a 0.3-M THAM solution titrated to pH 7.4 with HCl...

A Fungating Mass

Figure 33 in his book, Non-Venereal Syphilis. Picture of a fungating mass on a man's hip.

A histopathologic and immunocytochemical study of the spinal cord in amateur and professional divers

To clarify the influence of diving activity on the central nervous system, we studied 10 amateur and 10 professional deceased divers with emphasis...

A History of the Durham Child Guidance Clinic: From Child Guidance to Child Development and Behavioral Health 1947-2006

A brief history of the Durham Child Guidance Clinic.

A hydrophobic oligolamellar lining to the vascular lumen in some organs

Various endothelial surfaces from sheep and humans have been studied for their hydrophobicity using a standard method based on the angle of...

A mathematical decompression model based on biophysical and physiologic laws 1994
A Medical Center Degree-- An Honest Approach to a Problem Usually Handled by Subterfuge

A discussion paper distributed by Eugene A. Stead, Jr. to the Medical School Advisory Council (MedSAC) at Duke University on April 10, 1972...

April 10, 1972
A method for measurement of the bubble formation threshold in biological liquids

Liquid under pressure is saturated with a given gas, such as argon, nitrogen, or air, by circulation through a column of gas exchangers. A sample...

A method for production of N2 microbubbles in platelet-rich plasma in an aggregometer-like apparatus, and effect on the platelet density in vitro. [erratum appears in Undersea Biomed Res 1987 Mar;14(2):preceding 279]

The mechanisms involved in the interactions between microgasbubbles and platelets are not clear. The platelet aggregatory response to agonist-...

A Mission of Mercy

Painting showing Florence Nightingale at Scutari in 1856. Reproduction after the picture by Jerry Barratt. From the collection of Howard A. Kelly...

A model for acute carbon monoxide poisoning in conscious rats

These experiments were designed to establish an animal model of acute carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning in awake habituated rats. On the day before...

A modern Operating Theater ready for use (London Hospital)

An empty operating theater, showing operating table, shelves, carts, sinks, and other operating equipment.

A modified protocol to treat early osteoradionecrosis of the mandible

Hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) increases oxygen availability to hypoxic tissues thereby inducing fibroblastic proliferation and capillary formation in...

A National Program for Certifying Physician's Assistants [The National Board Examiner, October 1972]

This article appearing in the October 1972 issue of The National Board Examiner provides an overview of actions and steps taken by the National...

October, 1972
A neuropathologic study of the ependymoventricular surface in diver brains

Interference with the dynamics of cerebrospinal fluid may lead to loss of ependymal lining in the ventricles of the brain. The ependymal loss of...

A New Description of Carolina

Print 39

A New Flight Path: Creating a Digital History and Archives 2004